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Any coaching process is most effective when tailored to the needs of the individual and the organisation. Accordingly, our approach targets the different needs of senior and executive leaders with one-on-one coaching, through to middle management and front line leaders through our group mastermind program. We offer solution-focused, performance, or practical skills-based coaching with a short or long-term focus dependent on the stated goals and desired outcomes of the individual and organisation. Coaching is generally provided one on one and face to face or remotely via telephone or Skype to offer you convenient, service with greater flexibility no matter where your workforce resides.

Most mid to large sized companies strive to create work environments that are highly rational, with little place for emotional concerns. However it is impossible to remove emotions from the workplace so we believe it is better to equip leaders and managers to understand their UQ Power and to be able to manage the complex environments in which they operate.

Our coaching focuses on supporting leaders and managers to balance their Quadruple Bottom Line (IQ+EQ+Body+Vision). We do this because business growth and survival in today's modern world needs to be less bound to cold analytic left brain only thinking and instead needs to blend this with a more intuitive, empathetic right brain perspective. In our coaching approach, Emotional Intelligence is regarded equal to operational intelligence if leaders and managers are to manage their own emotions and relate to and manage the emotions of their workforce. Weaving a balanced quadruple bottom line throughout the fabric of an organisation benefits not just the company bottom line but is reflected in the dealings of employees with each other, with customers and clients, with business partners, the community and stakeholders at large.

Our UQ Power coaches, the majority of whom also have qualifications in business, mediation or counselling, have significant experience in motivating and supporting change initiatives across a broad range of settings and industries. These qualifications and experience provide an effective foundation for guiding and supporting your leaders and middle managers through the individual and organisational change process. Furthermore, our approach to the coaching process provides the assurance of an evidence–based approach, which will assist your people to develop greater skills in managing the challenges they face on a day to day basis in their roles, whether they be related to organisational change, stakeholder relationship building or individual and team performance.

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Heidi Alexandra has been the source of much information strategy and innovation that has seen me push the boundaries on social media internally and improved my local and national profile and that of my firm tremendously. Jeremy Kennedy, Director, Australian Business Lawyers and Associates
I would recommend UQ Power to anyone that is seeking support, guidance and growth in their business. Catherine Miller, Human Resources Manager, Allightsykes