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The Totally Awesome Guide to Building a Unique and Powerful Personal Brand

OK so you took our “How Unique is Your Personal Brand? Audit and found out your personal brand is in need of a serious jump start right? Or maybe you just woke up in the middle of the night and thought “Help I’ve been living in bland land and I need help to grow my brand!” Or perhaps you’re stuck in a rut, lost in a sea of sameness, tired of wearing grey suits, want to land your dream job, start a business, land more clients or get that pay rise but are afraid you’re going to be overlooked by some up and coming Gen Z kid?

Well you’ve come to the right place. Our totally awesome guide is set to put you on the path to building a totally awesome brand unique brand so much so you're gonna fall in love with U!And this month we're celebrating the launch of the Leading Ladies Brand U Program by offering the guide for a tiny $7 - Yep $90 off our RRP - cwazy! (Cool lemme get it now here.)As an fellow entrepreneur and former brand and marketing director in the corporate world, I know one of the most important areas for you as a professional or entrepreneurs is getting paid what you’re worth. And, one of the most important contributors to producing that result is your personal brand as a marketing and sales tool. 

Regardless of your experience or level of comfort with branding, sales and marketing, I want you to know that if you tap into of the power of your uniqueness, you will produce unbelievable results. So many people say “I’m not unique. I’m just like every other (insert said profession or job title) out there, what can I do to stand out?” Or they say “someone else already has claimed to be the goto at what I’m good at, my uniqueness is already taken.” And that my friends is why this little guide exists, to help you uncover your uniqueness, rediscover your strengths and put a simple plan in place to stand out in your career and life. 

Purchase your copy now http://www.uqpower.com.au/uq-power-shop/products/the-totally-awesome-guide-to-building-a-unique-personal-brand 

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Heidi Alexandra has been the source of much information strategy and innovation that has seen me push the boundaries on social media internally and improved my local and national profile and that of my firm tremendously. Jeremy Kennedy, Director, Australian Business Lawyers and Associates
I would recommend UQ Power to anyone that is seeking support, guidance and growth in their business. Catherine Miller, Human Resources Manager, Allightsykes