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Bite Sized Learnings

We know what your people are – busy! Rather than spending a lifetime studying degrees and higher qualifications, short bite sized courses can tap into WHO your people are and give them the opportunity to update their skills in only a fraction of the time.
Ranging from 1.5 – 3 hour workshops, our bite sized workshops are perfect if you’re looking to build upon existing talents or increase motivation.
Our bite sized workshops are intensive and cognitively stimulating, increasing mental capacity and emotional intelligence.
We have facilitated improvements for many businesses, encouraging their workforce to become the best they can be. It’s even FUN!
Bite Sized workshops allow you the flexibility to select from a menu of topics. Indulge in a single course or enjoy the entire meal over a series of sessions.

 Sample of the Bite Sized Learnings™ Menu:

1 - Body language: the key to your success
2 - Innovative thinking and creativity in the workplace
3 - Understand your personal communication style
4 - Say what? Effective workplace communication skills.
5 – Millionaire success habits for the time poor
6 - Powerful presentations
7 - Out of the box ideas generation
8 – How to stress-less at work

With Bite Sized Learnings™ focusing on single key topics, your people will be back at their work stations implementing their new skills straight away.

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The Long Term Benefits of Our Short Courses

Just like interval training is an exercise strategy that is intended to improve performance with short training sessions to burn fat and improve capacity in a short and intense workout, our bite sized workshops are similarly beneficial in that they are intense and cognitively stimulating, improving your people’s mental capacity, emotional intelligence and layering their knowledge over a series of short sessions.

We design our courses around WHO your people are. We understand that attending a four year institution or accreditation course is not for everyone and there are thousands of people who prefer to get the training they need and then get on with their lives and work. As a result we offer a smart alternative with a short term series of workshop sessions covering a variety of in-demand topics that have helped thousands of people and businesses improve their performance and become the best WHO they can be in as short and enjoyable time as possible.
As technology evolves, systems change, the globe shrinks and practices are revolutionised, it is becoming even more critical for people to refresh their skills and stay on top of the game. Our short courses are a great way to fill the gaps in your people’s knowledge and give your company a competitive edge in the marketplace. 

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What Our Tribe Say

Heidi Alexandra has been the source of much information strategy and innovation that has seen me push the boundaries on social media internally and improved my local and national profile and that of my firm tremendously. Jeremy Kennedy, Director, Australian Business Lawyers and Associates
I would recommend UQ Power to anyone that is seeking support, guidance and growth in their business. Catherine Miller, Human Resources Manager, Allightsykes