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Feature article in emPower Magazine
Uplevel Your Career 

Heidi Alexandra was also recently featured in Melbourne's Renaissance Magazine about her career, business and property success. Click here and view Issue #6 pages 7 and 8 for the full story http://www.bossgroup.com.au/renaissance-magazine.html 

The No.1 reason talent leaves an organisation 

No 1 Reason talent leaves an organisation No 1 Reason talent leaves an organisation (257 KB)

Article Maximise your memory

Great Leaders Focus on Solutions 

Using Linked In Effectively 

The Truth About Scarcity Mentality Article 

Adding Value for Business Success 

Sanity tips for home-based consultancy success 

Are YOU a Magnetic Leader? 

Great Companies Grow Their Leaders 

Hiccups can sometimes be a hand-up 

Heidi Alexandra Pollard has had several articles featured in the fabulous American women's magazine Star Lee Magazine. Check them out here:http://www.starleemagazine.com/business/2010/09/good-habits-to-help-you-grow/#more-1619

Heidi Alexandra Pollard has had two articles featured recently in issues of the quality wedding magazine "WHITE". 

To see more about the magazine click here. 

Download your free copy of the article "Balancing Act":
Article in WHITE magazine 2008 

Download your free copy of the article "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff"
Don't sweat the small stuff 

Need an easy to follow formula for setting your new year goals? Click here to read the article 5 simple steps to kicking all your new year goals.

Popular Videos on Leadership 

Simon Sinek on leadership


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Heidi Alexandra has been the source of much information strategy and innovation that has seen me push the boundaries on social media internally and improved my local and national profile and that of my firm tremendously. Jeremy Kennedy, Director, Australian Business Lawyers and Associates
I would recommend UQ Power to anyone that is seeking support, guidance and growth in their business. Catherine Miller, Human Resources Manager, Allightsykes