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Alexandria Joy - Monday, October 19, 2015

If you're on the hunt for a new position or you want to become an indispensable employee who shines, then you want to understand the key traits that managers and CEOs look for in star employees. 

Some of the key traits they might be looking for are these three H's:

  • Happy: No one wants to work with an unhappy person. Energy drainers can bring down their team with their drama, mood and poor attitude and it's no way to earn brownie points. Do a quick self assessment - do you find yourself smiling at work, relaxed and conversing with open body language or are you closed, frowning and frantic all the time?
  • Hungry: No I don't mean you are in the kitchen snacking all the time! As the old adage goes, time is money. Leaders want people who are driven and hungry, who chase the sale, make the deal and get the job done efficiently and effectively. Do you make the most of every second? Do you hustle in your job duties? 
  • Honest: As an employee, you will be entrusted with inside information that's going to move the company forward. A leader doesn't want to have to second guess if you are going to deliver the work they're paying for and that you're not playing hooky or entertaining the competition. In short don't lie on your resume. Don't lie in your interview. Don't lie after you're hired. Companies don't run well and culture get toxic and poisonous when they don't have honest, decent employees in them. 
So how do you go to the next level and get known as a batteries included, star employee? Follow these three tips in this week's episode of UQTV.

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Adam Price commented on 20-Oct-2015 08:49 AM
Another great video Heidi... Over the years when I was an employee (and not running my own business) it was VERY hard to find companies that "Lived Up" to their promises for great employees.

Especially in the IT industry where I was a specialist for corporate and government customers with one very well known company here in Newcastle.

I saw many AMAZING employees come in, but they (as I did) left just as fast (usually within 2 years max).

Company culture has a lot to do with it and on the front end, everything can look shiny and great, but they need to let these amazing "Jump Starters" become micro-businesses inside their organization, like the 3M company does.

To say to a "Jump Starter" you have complete creative freedom to get the job done, then have "shackles" put on you is a sure fire way to kill their enthusiasm.

Would be wonderful if maybe you could showcase some amazing companies, their cultures and what drives them and their team of employee's and how they found their synergies in working together for growth and better success.

Love your work as always!
Leanne Cherry commented on 21-Oct-2015 08:52 AM
Heidi as always another great tip - have shared with students! Leanne

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