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Episode 26 - Is it time to kick your perfectionism habit

Alexandria Joy - Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I have a dream.

I imagine a world where everyone has an opportunity to love their work and do their best work using their unique strengths every day.

Sadly many modern workplaces with their rigid policies, procedures, measures, position descriptions and obsessive overwork cultures are doing little to encourage individuals to embrace their uniqueness and quirky ways. 

We all know the old saying that people join a company but leave their manager and through my work I speak to lots of leaders, supervisors and line managers and they all say they want to build a great team culture - but the don't always know how or where to start.

One of the first steps I recommend in creating a great workplace culture and becoming a great leader is to stop beating yourself and your people up for not being perfect. Watch this week's episode of UQTV to find out how to kick your perfectionism habit to the curb.


We spent the festive break refocusing and planning and we’ve got a brand new, bold mission to see one million people inspired to volunteer their best work using their unique strengths every day. We want to tilt the world to more expander leaders who #startwithU. And nothing would mean more to me and our team, to have your support for making this change in workplaces around the world. All you need to do is #startwithU.

One last thing...
This episode also signifies UQTV's 1st birthday - how quickly time flies! This is a huge milestone for our team, our clients and community, our film crew and for me personally. So I want to take a moment to say "thank you" and ask that if you believe our messages could help someone else start making a change in their workplace that you click forward and share it with them.

To celebrate our first birthday we are launching a very special series of UQTV called “Love your work”. Our “Love your work” series is all about helping you put the love back in your work so you can create a workplace environment that you can’t wait to go to every day!

Let's do this and together make our workplaces safer, happier and healthier.

Heidi Alexandra

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Mary Ellen Miller commented on 06-Feb-2015 06:10 AM
Heidi you are so right that perfectionism can bog you down and imperfectionism can be freeing!
Tandy commented on 06-Feb-2015 04:24 PM
Heidi, you are spot on with your views of perfectionism. I agree wholeheartedly about people joining companies and leaving managers. SOOO true!
Jessica commented on 08-Feb-2015 04:37 AM
Perfectionism hurt me in the past when I felt I had to do everything instead of allowing others to help even if they didn't do it exactly as I did. Turns out some of them did it better than I would have.. it's good to let go
Trudy Scott commented on 08-Feb-2015 06:56 AM
Happy 1st Birthday to UQTV!

I agree perfectionism is not good and can really hold you and your team back. It's also exhausting!

With the work I do, I often find that also supporting serotonin can make a big difference i.e. perfectionism can be more than a habit and learned behavior. You mentioned low self-worth and controlling - these, together with perfectionism, negative self-talk and anxiety are all signs of low serotonin.

I'd really be intrigued to see if anyone has made a connection between people being container managers and low serotonin!
Mira commented on 09-Feb-2015 10:42 AM
Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary. I look forward to more of your great videos!!
Mitch Tublin commented on 09-Feb-2015 01:27 PM
We are all perfect the way we are.
Once we recognize this and embrace it the magic will happen.
Sam Smith said it best tonight during his Grammy Award acceptance. "Once I let me be me, and acted as myself, the real me, the music - it started to flow."
Lisa Manyon commented on 15-Feb-2015 02:38 AM
What a great message and a reminder for Type A people who may or may not be too self critical.

Write on!~

Mary Ellen Miller commented on 17-Feb-2015 11:46 AM
Heidi congratulations on creating a series called "Love your work." You are so right that sometimes we just have to take the plunge rather than worry about perfectionism. Congrats on one year with UQTV.

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