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UQ Power Isn’t Just an Advantage

Alexandria Joy - Monday, August 19, 2013

Mining companies are not the only ones feeling the brunt of Australia’s poor commodity prices and increasing taxes. Shrinking workforces and the downturn in mining production have a devastating ripple effect on workers who are made redundant, their families, and the communities in which they live. But it doesn’t stop there.

The overall slowdown to the market also impacts all those mid-sized companies whose bread and butter comes from serving the mining sector.

In this highly competitive and visible market it is now critical for these companies to innovate, use the strength of their best people, and stand out to retain and grow their market share.

Discovering, living, and communicating what makes you unique – your UQ Power – is no longer an advantage, it’s a necessity to survive and thrive.

Identifying your UQ Power

In my book It All Starts With UQ Power! Boost Your Income, Influence and Impact, I pose the question - what single strategic asset (a way of thinking, acting or working) makes or can make you “different” from your top 3 competitors?

Perhaps it’s your unique business model or maybe it’s your leadership team who inspire others and encourage them to grow?

It’s time to harness whatever it is that sets you apart from your competition. Play up to these traits, expand on them and repeat them across your communications so that everyone you deal with knows exactly who you are, what you stand for and why you’re the best at what you do. At every touch point your business needs to live and breathe its UQ power.

Wear your UQ Power with pride

Here’s the hard truth. It doesn’t matter how enthusiastic, brilliant, passionate, visionary or talented your people are at what they do. If your business and its leaders are not able to identify or communicate your UQ Power, your road to success may be bumpy one.

When an industry slows down just as the mining sector has, innovation and influence is essential if you want to maintain your market share. But how can you differentiate your company if your corporate culture and lack of brand clarity is out of sync?

Having a clearly visible UQ Power can tune up your profit making potential and improve company culture by bringing your team together behind a shared vision that drives them forward. A leadership team that lives their brand with precision and has effective communication and relationships with all their stakeholders will deliver the results you need in these challenging times – elevated profits, improved stakeholder relationships, and an increased visibility and reputation.

Find out how to your Power up your business at www.UQPower.com.au.

A Soft Approach For a Heavy Industry

Alexandria Joy - Monday, August 05, 2013

As well as the hard-lined approach to cutting costs within the mining industry, it is now more critical than ever for managers to step up to being leaders as the sector suffers a fall of almost 6%.

Last year Rio Tinto declared a net loss of $3 Billion as a result of poor commodity prices, natural weather events, poor investment decisions and operational costs blowing out. While the forces of Mother Nature and the global economy were outside the company’s control, Rio Tinto’s failure to streamline its operations and secure sound investments was at the hand of its employees.

Recently we have also watched Westrac and Xstrata announce staff redundancies as a way to pull in the belt.

It’s no secret that the mining industry is in the midst of challenging times. To survive it and continue to thrive, managers need to dramatically shift their way of thinking; employees need to be seen and treated as the most valuable company asset.

If you are facing increasing expenses, taxes, royalties, energy costs and outside intervention then you need to develop your people’s soft skills.

In today’s workplace soft skills have become an important factor for success, influencing productivity, efficiency and team collaboration. Without the ability to develop solid relationships, how will you ever build a strong and reputable brand? Without the ability to influence others, how will you gain stakeholder buy-in and position the company as THE leader within the industry?

Traditionally, experience and qualifications run supreme, while emotional intelligence (EQ) and soft skills are overlooked. No matter how qualified, experienced, or even talented a worker is, if they have a low EQ and poor soft skills, they’re likely to be unmotivated, disruptive, and unproductive.

Training, engaging, and growing leaders with exceptional soft skills will have a positive rippling effect throughout the organisation. During a time when the mining industry needs to tighten its belt quickly and wisely, managers need to step up into becoming leaders who communicate so clearly and powerfully that they influence and inspire everyone around them. Leaders who have the ability to keep attune with their workforce get 100% out of their employees in return, rather than the typical 60% productivity rate or less in an unstable environment.

Being a leader means working with humans (yes - not just coal) and humans operate on the fuel of feelings. A leader with a high EQ will foster a workplace where people can feel good about themselves and therefore be more engaged with their work. In a nutshell, people who feel good about themselves will do a better job! A successful leader’s job is to create an environment where people can be the best they can be. In a typically hard industry of mining and resources there really is a place for soft skills.

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