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Brendan Burchard Masterclass demonstrates How to Identify, Package, Market and Drive Your Expertise

Alexandria Joy - Sunday, June 08, 2014

My favourite nuggets of wisdom from the day

Last week I attended the event How to Identify, Package, Market and Drive Your Expertise Master Class in Sydney at Luna Park in the Big Top and after posting this photo on Facebook:

I had several friends and clients send me messages asking how it was, who the speakers were and what did I learn.

Always keen for an opportunity to sharpen the saw, and I had attended this event in particular to see Brendan Burchard in person after observing his internet success. I came away from the event with my wallet intact (no I didn’t fall for any of the limited number of seats act now sales pitches) but my notebook full. Surprisingly for a pitch-fest style event (we all gotta eat) I found that I did have some really great takeaways and nuggets of wisdom in my notepad from the day.

Below I've included a quick takeaway from each of the speakers on the day. (For my full seven pages of notes leave your name and email below and I'll happily send you a full copy of my notes.)

Speaker 1 – Scott Harris from Australia - Developing the Psychology behind Your Success

Scott suggested you need to:

1 - Become an expert in your life - really understand yourself, your strengths, weaknesses, habits and beliefs
2 - Invite some experts into your life - surround yourself with smart people who have been there before so you don't have to recreate the wheel and can replicate their systems.

Speaker 2 - KERWIN RAE from Australia  - The 5 Pillars of a fast growth Expert empire
Keys to Getting the Basics Down
  • Simplify
  • Streamline (know the things that don’t matter)
  • Automate
  • Immerse

Speaker 3 - ANDY HARRINGTON [UK] - Promoting Yourself as the Authority in Your Subject

Five Areas to be an extraordinary speaker:
  • IMPACT – break people’s pattern en masse.
  • INFORM – a message that informs people without overwhelming them.  
  • INSPIRE – more people emotionally by changing their state.
  • INFLUENCE – move them into action.
  • INCOME – too many poor coaches and consultants and authors.

Speaker 4 - BRENDON BURCHARD [USA] - Positioning yourself as an Expert on any topic area
  • “Experts are always students first.” Brendan Burchard.  If you’re waiting for someone to tell you, you’re a divine being, well here it is “you’re good to go.”.
  • You don’t have energy or confidence, you generate it.
  • It’s about adult learning – you just have to apply the science to it.
  • You can teach any topic to anyone whenever you decide to.
  • You just need to believe and decide to start.
Thanks to a post a US friend Jennifer Bourn shared recently from the Copyblogger’s Authority Intensive 2014 that I found really interesting, I figured I would get my fabulous assistant Claire to type up my notes of the best bits, the quotables, and the action items — so you can benefit from the most notable content shared too.
To access my full simply click on this link and leave your full name and email. Enjoy! 

I hope this post and my full notes helped you provide you with some of the best bits without the pitch fest parts in between!

How about you? Did you attend the event in the Big Top? What did you think? Did one of the nuggets of wisdom listed above speak to you or catch your attention? Or did you think it was all just too much hype and sell, sell, sell at the back of the room? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

The Science of Powerful Marketing

Alexandria Joy - Monday, November 25, 2013

Have you ever felt immediately compelled to buy something after seeing a powerful marketing message? There is a science behind creating marketing campaigns that cause people to pull out their credit cards and throw money at you.

First Impressions Count

Humans are hardwired to make immediate judgements about others, without even having to speak to the person. Whether we’re aware of it or not, we process visual cues such as body language and appearance to determine if the person is “friend or foe”.

Rhondalynn Korolak, explains in her blog post how our brains process information.

“The human brain makes quick decisions and takes action based on its ability to assess and interpret images, not data. About 80–90% of activity in the decision making centre of your brain is based on visual stimuli. This is because your optic nerves prioritize the path of visual stimuli to your reptilian brain — that part of your mind that runs on pure instinct and makes decisions in 1-2 milliseconds to keep you safe.”

Use Powerful Imagery

Research has revealed that using imagery makes messages more believable. When a written message is coupled with imagery, we are more likely to believe in what is being said. Most people must “see it to believe it”.

What makes an image powerful? The answer to that depends on what your customer believes and values. Your imagery should reflect the benefits people will get from using your brand or it should focus on the solution that your product or service solves. Images that connect with your audience on an emotional level will have them knocking at your door.

What story does your marketing imagery tell?

Paint Pictures with Words

Never underestimate the power of words. When you read, your brain interprets the words and turns them into visual images to help you understand the information. (Some brains are better at this than others). When your marketing messages contain words and sentences that describe sensory information such as what things look and feel like, you’ve got better chances of creating greater clarity, desire, and impact within the minds of your customers.

Your action for today

Do a quick audit of your marketing materials. Just spend a minute or two scanning a range of your materials (just like how a customer would “skim” over your marketing) to SEE if they are powerful and visual.

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