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Alexandria Joy - Wednesday, June 25, 2014
Inspiration is an incredible thing. It can provide the juice and stimulation that make life worthwhile, it can be the spark that lights the fire or provides a platform for our transformation. 

Marie Forleo, the Jersey girl who coined the term multi-passionate entrepreneur, was one of the many sources of inspiration for our own creation UQTV. We had been looking for a vehicle to spread the message that people's unique strengths are the key to unlocking their potential. We wanted to challenge managers to break with tradition and how they had always done things because rules stifle the originality and uniqueness that enable people to achieve their highest performance. 

We saw how Marie was providing a platform to inspire and uplift solopreneurs and online entrepreneurs to create a life and business that they loved and it dawned on us that there is a real gap in similar inspiration for workers and their managers in corporate land. Our ideas had sex and UQTV was born. Our main goal in creating UQTV was to help managers find new ways to lead and to create the architecture of their company culture so that their people are excited to volunteer their best work, every day.

And so this recent episode of Marie TV where Marie interviews idea D.J., speaker and host of National Geographic's hit show, Brain Games, Jason Silva blew our minds. His thoughts on philosophy, creativity, technology and human potential opened us to new possibilities and ways of seeing our world and our co-creation of company cultures. 

What inspires you? Is it your work, art, movies, children or science? We'd love to know - share your inspirations below.

PS: If you don’t know Jason Silva, watch his video below before diving into Marie's interview with him. 

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