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CHANGE is hard. Make the SHIFT.

Alexandria Joy - Tuesday, August 13, 2019


For such a small word it conjures up all sorts of reactions and emotions.

“Change is hard” is one common phrase I hear around many change fatigued workplaces.
“Not more change” equally so.  

And yet as a word it’s just a little verb referring to altering the form, nature, content, future course of (something) different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone. For example you can:

CHANGE your opinion (sounds like a complete switch-a-rooney).

CHANGE the course of history (whoa sounds heavy!)

CHANGE your name (yep I’ve done that several times – no I’m not escaping the law.)

Have you got any small CHANGE please? (even begging has become hard as no one carries cash on them anymore.)

Whatever way you use the word CHANGE sounds hard. As a company culture scientist helping leaders and organisations to conduct experiments to improve their culture I found the word itself was more the barrier than anything else. So I made a change. A switch to SHIFT, in particular to introducing the concept of the 10 degree shift.

Just this shift in language itself has seen greater engagement, openness, even relief that transforming a company’s culture is possible, probable and certain using just small sustainable shifts. Bypass the psychological resistance to the word and you bypass the stuckness, fatigue and hopelessness.


SHIFT sounds simpler, gentler, more doable and palatable. Shifting leaders, employees and their behaviors is absolutely possible through consistently shifting to better communication, compassion, care and accountability.

In the current climate and era of business making radical changes could derail a company culture completely and make it go from innovative and warm to toxic and prickly. Far from making drastic changes, simply deciding on the goal or vision and then making constant, incremental, 10 degree shifts will see far greater long term traction. Like a plane taking off from an airport it is not any drastic moves they make in the sky that get them to their final destination but a series of small, micro shifts that untimately sees the plane land at the desired airport.

Our current approaches to organizational change are defunct. They simply won’t cut it in this global environment with multigenerational workforces. They are too hard and fast, controlling and linear, they will not allow for the flexibility, creativity and responsiveness needed today to help companies respond and course correct as the market ebbs and flows. However gauging the environment, the culture climate and making continual small shifts will help a culture stay fresh, vibrant and juicy.

External change is pervasive, all-consuming and accelerating but it can be handled more proactively and positively when a company culture is vibrant and healthy. It’s time to SHIFT our language and our focus. To all become scientists and make small, low risk experiments each and every day towards achieving excellence and improvement in our workplace relationships, learning and company cultures.

Will you make the SHIFT?

Have you ever said no to a big opportunity?

Alexandria Joy - Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Have you ever said no to a big opportunity?

No I don’t want that new job and pay increase.

No I don’t want to go on that secondment to the other department.

No I don’t want to make a presentation to the Board.

I said no to a big opportunity last week, one that I’ve had on my vision board since January, and it was a tough call to make.

As a workplace futurist and someone who helps organisations plan and strategise their culture and brand for the future I am constantly scanning the environment, travelling throughout Australia and around the world, visiting companies that are on the forefront of modern work practices to bring those ideas back to leaders and organisations we work with.

I spend a lot of my waking hours thinking about the future. So you can imagine how excited I was to have been invited in March to speak at the World Futures Conference in Washington this past weekend. My topic – How to make work work in the future. Awesome and so right up my alley.

I had been planning the trip for some time, I’d already bought a conference ticket, accommodation was sorted and I’d been making connections on LinkedIn with peers that would be at the conference.

And then last week, life got a bit crazy, things weren’t lining up at work or at home and I came up against some pretty deep stuff – like feeling like a fraud and off course.

So I said no to speaking at the conference. I said no to a big break. To the crème de la crème of the futurists gathering. I said no to showing up regardless.

Instead I said yes. Yes to staying home. Yes to me.

For once I was totally and utterly honest with myself. I checked in and no it wasn’t fear making me back away, in speaking is one of my favourite things to do. It was just that the pull to say yes to being true to me was stronger.

I felt bad for letting the conference organisers down, but the truth was I was on day 2, not the headline, plenary speaker, a bit of reshuffling and the conference agenda would work fine. It was more a blow to my ego than an inconvenience to anyone else. Funny how the universe has a way of delivering harsh lessons at the most inopportune times.

I’d been having some hints and intuition that a change was necessary but a total transformation? Hadn’t seen that coming – some futurist I am ha ha!

I wrote a blog last week as this all unfolded and I was sick in bed with a stomach virus purging and transitioning. Some would warn against such a potentially career limiting article, however the feedback about the raw and real honesty has been a surprise to me.  

How did I get here? When did I forget the things that I love doing the most?

I love my work, I love helping people and companies unleash their uniqueness so they can show up authentically and love their work every day. It’s bloody awesome work. But somewhere along the way I had lost my own way and forgotten to heed my own advice.

I started asking some big questions about life, my business and how I want to work and who with. Magically new clients turned up immediately, precisely the kind I like to work with as if to say – here, do more of this!

Awesome nudges. Perfect clues. Thank you universe.

Luckily the conference organisers were very understanding and agreed that I could donate my conference ticket I had already purchased to a scholarship student who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend – awesome #generosityeconomy in action.

I was so relieved once it was done and of course a little disappointed.

But as with any decision, once made, energy has began to flow in the new direction and clarity has returned. I’ve begun making changes in my business, a new website, a new podcast, a documentary, a charitable collaboration and a new theatre style event are all now in the pipeline. Some of these will be launched in the very near future, some a little further off, but already synchronicities are beginning to happen.

So it’s possible to say no to a big opportunity and still find a silver lining!

This week I’m focused on getting even clearer about how I want to live and work, where and with whom so I can put it into action.

Making the decision to say no was the hardest part, once it was done it was done and I could move on again and regain my flow.

Are you finding yourself at a crossroads unable to say yes or no and feeling stuck and frustrated? Don’t worry pushing through the resistance is just part of the process, it’s a sign that you’re on your way.

If you need help and you want to know how to get clear on the future path for your career, business or brand visit www.uqpower.com.au and check out our services and offerings.  

Our videos, articles and resources are a great way to start the forward momentum yourself – whether it’s to grow your team, increase your income or profits or create the most memorable brand in your market.

Start saying no and releasing more energy and space to say yes to you and your dreams. You know you’re unique and you’re awesome and the world needs you!

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