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Alexandria Joy - Monday, April 02, 2018

Imagine you meet someone and then 5 minutes later I ask you their name - you’ll have probably forgotten it.

Now imagine that I told you prior that if you remembered the name of that person I’ll give you $1 million dollars - bet I’ve got your attention and you’ll their name now remember right? What this tells us is that we don’t have bad memories, we have low attention spans in this age of competing attention.

How then do you begin to stand out, to build a personal brand and to be remembered, respected and referred by others in our modern digital world? You begin by being more UP Yourself, yes I said UP Yourself. That is you have to stand out, stand under and stand up to be noticed and be memorable.

In this high tech world you have to think about how your presence can be high touch. You have to have enough confidence to go belly to belly, heart to heart with other humans. Which means you can't hide behind your smart phone. You have to get a FEEL the other person.

When we go belly to belly with others we engage our gut brain, and that helps us get a good 'feeling' for where they are coming from. Next we go heart to heart and connect via our heart brain. This doesn't mean we fall in love with evereyone we meet. What it means is that you begin to have empathy and compassion for the other person and feel a heart based connection with them.

Most of us connect from our analytical head brain, which means we may often totally miss the connection in our body and instead let our brain jump immediately into its default state which is to see the other person as predator or prey. So we therefore want to fight or love the other person first. When we connect only with our head brain (reptilian) we simple see everyone as an opponent or a sexual opportunity. Which is kind of weird right?

What if instead we could begin to connect at a deeper level? To tap into our gut and our heart BEFORE we engaged the head? This is where the magic of connection, memory and impact begins to happen. When we increase the integration of our presence through connecting with others through our gut, heart and head we sense the electricity, we feel gratitude, and our connection becomes whole and complete.

Which is why being more UP yourself comes into play. When you are UP Yourself you begin to tap into your Unique Power (UP) which gives you the confidence to go belly to belly and heart to heart with other delicious humans. When you are UP Yourself you begin to claim your birthright to be your total self. Your right to be totally present in any moment, not second guessing what the other person is thinking.

Many times we will feel like we are unworthy "Do I have the right to be UP myself and claim my personal power?" However it is a must. It is part of our evolution as humans and as leaders. It's so important to keep being you in all of your uniqueness however strange that may be.

Guru Singh said
"Don't be a commodity. Be an oddity."

I couldn't agree more. It is not always easy, but it is valuable. I've had old work colleagues from 15 year ago come up to me anad say "You know what, I used to really dislike you. You were so up yourself and walked around with your nose in the air. But do you know what? I've been reading your Daily Uptimisms and watching some of your videos and I actually like you. I totally get you now. You've shown me how to be myself and now I wish I hadn't spent all those years worrying about what other people think."

Yogi Bhajan shared distinct wisdom that relates. I call it the 3 way stands:

1 - Stand Out - Be outstanding
2 - Stand Under - Be understanding
3 - Stand UP - be upstanding

So when others ridicule you be outstanding in your demeanor and manner, don't drop your standards. Be understanding of their beliefs not just go against them for opposing you, use your empathy and heart brain. Then be upstanding by standing up for what you believe is right and being totally present and without judgement. It is in these moments as you remain steadfast by using your head, heart and gut brains that your true leadership and influence will shine through.

When your cup is already full through being UP Yourself - that is you are 100 per cent accountable and in love with the you of u, then you can feel totally safe with others and they can feel totally safe and not threatened by you. Once this occurs then instead of us each thinking "How can I succeed?" we both begin to think "How can WE succeed?"

From the moment you wake up in the morning and start your PDP (Personal Daily Practice - tip: it is incredibly powerful to help you stay UP Yourself) to when you lie down to sleep at night, #startwithU. Top and tail the day with U. Let yourself be yourself whenever you are with yourself.

When you come against someone who bristles you, remember to take the 3 stands. If you persist and do this consistently, in time your personal brand naturally begin to be remembered, respected and referred.

Branson Vs Obama who dares wins

Alexandria Joy - Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Sir Richard Branson - aka Dr Yes - has been at his antics again!

This time the tie loathing adventurer and thrill seeker challenged Barack Obama to a kitesurfing v foil boarding competition around Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands.

Not only do the photos (full credit to @hijack Jack Brockway for the awesome pics) and video Sir Richard  shared on social media depict a good dose of humour but they also show a relaxed and carefree former president lapping up the sun, surf and social life.

There are so many lessons we can take away from watching two world leaders at play.

As I talk about in my video Lessons From Necker Island I learnt so much about life and business from Sir Richard especially how much you can get done and the connections you can make when you are having fun and letting go. How wonderful to see Sir Richard invite Barack and Michelle down to his private island Moskito (across the channel from Necker Island) for a complete break after Barack finished as President and left the white house.

For eight years while in office Barack didn't get to surf, enjoy water sports or do any of the things he loved so it is wonderful to see him living in the moment, carefree and enjoying the water once again.

Sir Richard challenged Barack to learn to kitesurf before he could learn to foil board - on the final day they had a challenge - who could stay standing the longest - check out Branson's latest post to find out who dared and won in the end!

In this start of 2017 with my goal of it being the year of the JOYful Unicorn I look forward to continuing to incorporate fun, play and friendship into my world and business. What can you takeaway from watching two world leaders at play?

Short on training budget? Get me for free in May!

Alexandria Joy - Tuesday, April 12, 2016

As part of launching her new speaking topics our CEO Heidi Alexandra is offering just 20 speaking spots for corporates looking to Beta Test our new programs and material for FREE in the month of May 2016!

Heidi Alexandra has been running training and coaching programs for over 10 years and yet she's giving it away in May. Why? Well we have a brand new program of topics and workshops and she wants to road test them and make sure she's delivering content that answers your burning questions, inspires your people and gets tongues wagging in your workplace. 

PLUS Heidi Alexandra's key word for 2016 is "generosity" so you'll be helping her achieve her #365daysofgenerosity too!

Topics include:

  • Stealing Startups Culture: What Futurist Companies Do To Unleash Their Employees Hidden Super Powers
  • Corporate Culture Hacking: The simplest secret to transforming a toxic culture
  •  The 4.5 secrets you need to know to become a corporate superhero
  • Body Intelligence – how to have a powerful presence
  • Corporate Superhero – how to become a sought after thought leader

There are just 20 spots available in May in Australia and the USA. To apply to have her speak at your workplace, event or leadership meeting go here now - first in best dressed!

You can read more about her speaking here http://www.uqpower.com.au/speaking 

Brendan Burchard Masterclass demonstrates How to Identify, Package, Market and Drive Your Expertise

Alexandria Joy - Sunday, June 08, 2014

My favourite nuggets of wisdom from the day

Last week I attended the event How to Identify, Package, Market and Drive Your Expertise Master Class in Sydney at Luna Park in the Big Top and after posting this photo on Facebook:

I had several friends and clients send me messages asking how it was, who the speakers were and what did I learn.

Always keen for an opportunity to sharpen the saw, and I had attended this event in particular to see Brendan Burchard in person after observing his internet success. I came away from the event with my wallet intact (no I didn’t fall for any of the limited number of seats act now sales pitches) but my notebook full. Surprisingly for a pitch-fest style event (we all gotta eat) I found that I did have some really great takeaways and nuggets of wisdom in my notepad from the day.

Below I've included a quick takeaway from each of the speakers on the day. (For my full seven pages of notes leave your name and email below and I'll happily send you a full copy of my notes.)

Speaker 1 – Scott Harris from Australia - Developing the Psychology behind Your Success

Scott suggested you need to:

1 - Become an expert in your life - really understand yourself, your strengths, weaknesses, habits and beliefs
2 - Invite some experts into your life - surround yourself with smart people who have been there before so you don't have to recreate the wheel and can replicate their systems.

Speaker 2 - KERWIN RAE from Australia  - The 5 Pillars of a fast growth Expert empire
Keys to Getting the Basics Down
  • Simplify
  • Streamline (know the things that don’t matter)
  • Automate
  • Immerse

Speaker 3 - ANDY HARRINGTON [UK] - Promoting Yourself as the Authority in Your Subject

Five Areas to be an extraordinary speaker:
  • IMPACT – break people’s pattern en masse.
  • INFORM – a message that informs people without overwhelming them.  
  • INSPIRE – more people emotionally by changing their state.
  • INFLUENCE – move them into action.
  • INCOME – too many poor coaches and consultants and authors.

Speaker 4 - BRENDON BURCHARD [USA] - Positioning yourself as an Expert on any topic area
  • “Experts are always students first.” Brendan Burchard.  If you’re waiting for someone to tell you, you’re a divine being, well here it is “you’re good to go.”.
  • You don’t have energy or confidence, you generate it.
  • It’s about adult learning – you just have to apply the science to it.
  • You can teach any topic to anyone whenever you decide to.
  • You just need to believe and decide to start.
Thanks to a post a US friend Jennifer Bourn shared recently from the Copyblogger’s Authority Intensive 2014 that I found really interesting, I figured I would get my fabulous assistant Claire to type up my notes of the best bits, the quotables, and the action items — so you can benefit from the most notable content shared too.
To access my full simply click on this link and leave your full name and email. Enjoy! 

I hope this post and my full notes helped you provide you with some of the best bits without the pitch fest parts in between!

How about you? Did you attend the event in the Big Top? What did you think? Did one of the nuggets of wisdom listed above speak to you or catch your attention? Or did you think it was all just too much hype and sell, sell, sell at the back of the room? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Office Christmas Party Ettiquette

Alexandria Joy - Sunday, December 15, 2013

From hitting on your boss' wife to humiliating party games and the indignity of forced merriment, office Christmas parties are a minefield when it comes to maintaining your personal brand.

Here's four office party mistakes we suggest you don't make:

1. Singing karaoke

Regardless if you have a voice like Celine Dion, never partake in singing karaoke if you are in a Western workplace. In the days of smart phones your rendition of "I'm too sexy" could end up on You Tube or Facebook well before Monday morning's Board meeting.

2. Drinking in excess

Obvious, duh, however the most common mistake made by up and comings. While many organisations offer a full bar at their party, many people take advantage and don't realise the number of drinks they've had. If you don't want to make any career limiting moves like chatting up the bosses partner or urinating in the hallway pot plant, limit yourself to 2-3 drinks all night.

3. Finger food faux pas

Picture this: sticky spicy chicken wing in one hand, wet drink hand in the other, your boss crosses the floor with the Chairman of the board in tow, to introduce you. No napkin in sight you have to choose...shove the sticky wing in your pocket, drop it into your cup or offer a kiss on the cheek to the Chairman. (Oh yeah and one other food tip - don't double dip).

4. Whining while dining

The office Christmas party is meant to be a time when everyone can celebrate the successes of the year. That means a cheerful mood. If you feel yourself or the conversation slipping into whingeing, whining or bitching territory about work, colleagues, clients or anything switch topics before the complaints gather momentum.

Stick to these basics and you should find the Christmas party provides a boost to your brand rather than seeing you slipping off the potential promotion list. And if you think we're being conservative check out this top 10 list of the most embarrassing moments. This may be enough to put you off partying for life!

Leave a comment below and tell us your most your or "your friends" most embarrassing office party misstep!

While we're on the subject of Christmas check out our UQ Power Christmas video here. Did you photobomb us in 2013?

The Science of Powerful Marketing

Alexandria Joy - Monday, November 25, 2013

Have you ever felt immediately compelled to buy something after seeing a powerful marketing message? There is a science behind creating marketing campaigns that cause people to pull out their credit cards and throw money at you.

First Impressions Count

Humans are hardwired to make immediate judgements about others, without even having to speak to the person. Whether we’re aware of it or not, we process visual cues such as body language and appearance to determine if the person is “friend or foe”.

Rhondalynn Korolak, explains in her blog post how our brains process information.

“The human brain makes quick decisions and takes action based on its ability to assess and interpret images, not data. About 80–90% of activity in the decision making centre of your brain is based on visual stimuli. This is because your optic nerves prioritize the path of visual stimuli to your reptilian brain — that part of your mind that runs on pure instinct and makes decisions in 1-2 milliseconds to keep you safe.”

Use Powerful Imagery

Research has revealed that using imagery makes messages more believable. When a written message is coupled with imagery, we are more likely to believe in what is being said. Most people must “see it to believe it”.

What makes an image powerful? The answer to that depends on what your customer believes and values. Your imagery should reflect the benefits people will get from using your brand or it should focus on the solution that your product or service solves. Images that connect with your audience on an emotional level will have them knocking at your door.

What story does your marketing imagery tell?

Paint Pictures with Words

Never underestimate the power of words. When you read, your brain interprets the words and turns them into visual images to help you understand the information. (Some brains are better at this than others). When your marketing messages contain words and sentences that describe sensory information such as what things look and feel like, you’ve got better chances of creating greater clarity, desire, and impact within the minds of your customers.

Your action for today

Do a quick audit of your marketing materials. Just spend a minute or two scanning a range of your materials (just like how a customer would “skim” over your marketing) to SEE if they are powerful and visual.

Need help getting your house in order? If you’re really serious about leaping your business growth faster, then our VIP Brand Velocity Program is for you.  An intense VIP half day, we will consult with you on your business and share with you all our secrets on how to increase your income, impact and influence. Those million-dollar ideas don’t happen by themselves. Not only do we get clear on the best ideas and strategies for your business but we'll work with you to design an implementation plan so you can get into action right away. Find out more here http://www.uqpower.com.au/vip-brand-power-program

UQ Power Isn’t Just an Advantage

Alexandria Joy - Monday, August 19, 2013

Mining companies are not the only ones feeling the brunt of Australia’s poor commodity prices and increasing taxes. Shrinking workforces and the downturn in mining production have a devastating ripple effect on workers who are made redundant, their families, and the communities in which they live. But it doesn’t stop there.

The overall slowdown to the market also impacts all those mid-sized companies whose bread and butter comes from serving the mining sector.

In this highly competitive and visible market it is now critical for these companies to innovate, use the strength of their best people, and stand out to retain and grow their market share.

Discovering, living, and communicating what makes you unique – your UQ Power – is no longer an advantage, it’s a necessity to survive and thrive.

Identifying your UQ Power

In my book It All Starts With UQ Power! Boost Your Income, Influence and Impact, I pose the question - what single strategic asset (a way of thinking, acting or working) makes or can make you “different” from your top 3 competitors?

Perhaps it’s your unique business model or maybe it’s your leadership team who inspire others and encourage them to grow?

It’s time to harness whatever it is that sets you apart from your competition. Play up to these traits, expand on them and repeat them across your communications so that everyone you deal with knows exactly who you are, what you stand for and why you’re the best at what you do. At every touch point your business needs to live and breathe its UQ power.

Wear your UQ Power with pride

Here’s the hard truth. It doesn’t matter how enthusiastic, brilliant, passionate, visionary or talented your people are at what they do. If your business and its leaders are not able to identify or communicate your UQ Power, your road to success may be bumpy one.

When an industry slows down just as the mining sector has, innovation and influence is essential if you want to maintain your market share. But how can you differentiate your company if your corporate culture and lack of brand clarity is out of sync?

Having a clearly visible UQ Power can tune up your profit making potential and improve company culture by bringing your team together behind a shared vision that drives them forward. A leadership team that lives their brand with precision and has effective communication and relationships with all their stakeholders will deliver the results you need in these challenging times – elevated profits, improved stakeholder relationships, and an increased visibility and reputation.

Find out how to your Power up your business at www.UQPower.com.au.

A Simple Brand With a Powerful Impact

Alexandria Joy - Monday, August 12, 2013

Now here’s a company that knows their UQ Power. Razorblades aren’t unique, but Dollar Shave Club’s brand certainly is.

A couple months back I came across this hilarious video by the Dollar Shave Club.

This video has had over 10million views within 12 months. Within a short period of time, using digital mediums as their main marketing strategy, this company has been able to intercept a market that has for years been dominated by industry giants such as Gillette and Schick.

What makes the young company’s debut even more impressive is that they sell… razor blades… plain and simple razor blades. And that’s exactly how they market their product. They use honesty as humour; their razors are “f*cking great”, but “they’re just razor blades”.

However the ingenuity doesn’t stop there. Media Hunter summed up the formula to their uniqueness perfectly:

“… the real genius is in the very simple proposition and business model.”

“…Dollar Shave Club turns a traditional $15-20 grocery store expense into an easy $7 / per month subscription. They don’t just get the sale, they get your repeat business and a nice big database of customers.

“Their product line is ridiculously small. Just 3 types of razor blades. By focusing in this way they maximise buying power and minimise overheads.”

The rate of growth in membership to the Dollar Shave Club is a result of the company knowing its UQ Power. Staying true to who they are as a brand and what they offer – albeit a simple razorblade – is what makes them standout.

So what can you take away from this? Today – tap into your UQ Power by writing down all the things that make you unique. It may be to do with the way you think, work, or act). Think about how you can simplify your brand message to communicate your UQ Power. Consider how you can simplify your business model to minimise costs, maximise profits, and importantly, make it easy for your customers to do business with you. Dust off the fluff, trim the fat, and tell how it is.

PS: If you thought their first video was funny, you have to watch video “No. 2”.

If you need help uncovering your UQ Power, find out how our red not renegade team can help you.

Attract The Best Talent With Your Employer Brand Power

Alexandria Joy - Monday, June 03, 2013

Think of brands like Google, Virgin, and Microsoft. What they all have in common is a very unique employer brand – they are well known for being great places to work.

Many companies are excellent at branding their business offerings, but fail to recognise the importance of branding their internal company culture to make it a sought-after place of employment.

The brands above are prime examples of unique brands that express the value and distinctiveness of their products and services, but also communicate who they are and what is their culture – creating a strong employer brand.

Google topped the list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2013 for the second year in a row. It’s commitment to providing excellent working conditions, for example on-site child care and fitness facilities, subsidised health benefits, job-sharing programs and telecommuting means Google staff benefit from a better work/life balance.

Their company culture gives team members equal authority, and autonomy is encouraged, not to mention the video games, pianos and table tennis sets dotted throughout their offices to encourage creativity. The employees there know they are getting a great deal so they’re less likely to walk out the door.

Virgin is another company that has built up its employer brand. It’s known for its commitment to motivating staff by making it a fun place to work. Their people come to work because they want to not just because it’s paying a salary.

These companies have built a reputation that allows them attract and retain the best talent. They have figured out what it is that makes their staff happy to walk through the office door each day and serve their customers with a smile. It’s a win-win situation – the company retains its best employees and its people give their best.  

The Value of Knowing Your UQ Power Employer Brand

Employer branding is a powerful business tool that can set you apart from the crowd and make you known as an employer of choice. It can also deliver tangible and measurable benefits to your business – improved market reputation, increased workforce engagement and productivity, and lower staff turnover.  

The widening global skills gap is making it difficult for companies, small and large, to find suitable staff, especially when it comes to filling senior roles.  Expressing your unique employer brand will give you a competitive edge when it comes to marketing your business to the small pool of top talent. 

What makes a strong Employer Brand? The answer to this will be different depending upon the industry you’re in and the type of people you want to attract. What it comes down to though is a company culture that supports staff, encourages growth and creativity, and includes everyone at all levels of the organisation. 

Employers of choice:

  • Recognise and reward their staff
  • Invest in the learning and development of their people
  • Have family friendly workplace practices
  • Have a passionate and engaged management team.

For more information on how to improve your company culture, visit our website.

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