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Alexandria Joy - Monday, April 02, 2018

Imagine you meet someone and then 5 minutes later I ask you their name - you’ll have probably forgotten it.

Now imagine that I told you prior that if you remembered the name of that person I’ll give you $1 million dollars - bet I’ve got your attention and you’ll their name now remember right? What this tells us is that we don’t have bad memories, we have low attention spans in this age of competing attention.

How then do you begin to stand out, to build a personal brand and to be remembered, respected and referred by others in our modern digital world? You begin by being more UP Yourself, yes I said UP Yourself. That is you have to stand out, stand under and stand up to be noticed and be memorable.

In this high tech world you have to think about how your presence can be high touch. You have to have enough confidence to go belly to belly, heart to heart with other humans. Which means you can't hide behind your smart phone. You have to get a FEEL the other person.

When we go belly to belly with others we engage our gut brain, and that helps us get a good 'feeling' for where they are coming from. Next we go heart to heart and connect via our heart brain. This doesn't mean we fall in love with evereyone we meet. What it means is that you begin to have empathy and compassion for the other person and feel a heart based connection with them.

Most of us connect from our analytical head brain, which means we may often totally miss the connection in our body and instead let our brain jump immediately into its default state which is to see the other person as predator or prey. So we therefore want to fight or love the other person first. When we connect only with our head brain (reptilian) we simple see everyone as an opponent or a sexual opportunity. Which is kind of weird right?

What if instead we could begin to connect at a deeper level? To tap into our gut and our heart BEFORE we engaged the head? This is where the magic of connection, memory and impact begins to happen. When we increase the integration of our presence through connecting with others through our gut, heart and head we sense the electricity, we feel gratitude, and our connection becomes whole and complete.

Which is why being more UP yourself comes into play. When you are UP Yourself you begin to tap into your Unique Power (UP) which gives you the confidence to go belly to belly and heart to heart with other delicious humans. When you are UP Yourself you begin to claim your birthright to be your total self. Your right to be totally present in any moment, not second guessing what the other person is thinking.

Many times we will feel like we are unworthy "Do I have the right to be UP myself and claim my personal power?" However it is a must. It is part of our evolution as humans and as leaders. It's so important to keep being you in all of your uniqueness however strange that may be.

Guru Singh said
"Don't be a commodity. Be an oddity."

I couldn't agree more. It is not always easy, but it is valuable. I've had old work colleagues from 15 year ago come up to me anad say "You know what, I used to really dislike you. You were so up yourself and walked around with your nose in the air. But do you know what? I've been reading your Daily Uptimisms and watching some of your videos and I actually like you. I totally get you now. You've shown me how to be myself and now I wish I hadn't spent all those years worrying about what other people think."

Yogi Bhajan shared distinct wisdom that relates. I call it the 3 way stands:

1 - Stand Out - Be outstanding
2 - Stand Under - Be understanding
3 - Stand UP - be upstanding

So when others ridicule you be outstanding in your demeanor and manner, don't drop your standards. Be understanding of their beliefs not just go against them for opposing you, use your empathy and heart brain. Then be upstanding by standing up for what you believe is right and being totally present and without judgement. It is in these moments as you remain steadfast by using your head, heart and gut brains that your true leadership and influence will shine through.

When your cup is already full through being UP Yourself - that is you are 100 per cent accountable and in love with the you of u, then you can feel totally safe with others and they can feel totally safe and not threatened by you. Once this occurs then instead of us each thinking "How can I succeed?" we both begin to think "How can WE succeed?"

From the moment you wake up in the morning and start your PDP (Personal Daily Practice - tip: it is incredibly powerful to help you stay UP Yourself) to when you lie down to sleep at night, #startwithU. Top and tail the day with U. Let yourself be yourself whenever you are with yourself.

When you come against someone who bristles you, remember to take the 3 stands. If you persist and do this consistently, in time your personal brand naturally begin to be remembered, respected and referred.

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