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Only one thing is certain...

Business is going to get even more uncertain.

But you knew that already right?

People often say to us that they've witnessed more change in business, in culture, in society, in technology, communication, transportation and life in the past three years than they've seen in the past 30. They're spot on.

The pace of change is exponential and us mere mortals are still plodding along in a lineal fashion. Today adaptability is more important than planning. To do this we need a new type of leadership. Expander leadership.
Who are Expander Leaders?
  • Leaders who tap into their higher power and go beyond the lineal, black and white, autocratic style of leadership. 
  • Leaders who see their role as gardeners - to feed, weed and grow the potential of their people.
  • Leaders who are willing to use their grace, gravity and growth mindset to co-create a new way to work and do business.
  • Leaders who grow citizens, not employees.
Here's a few lessons our CEO learnt from one such global expander leader, Sir Richard Branson.

The path is not for the faint of heart. Along with the rapidly increasing pace and uncertainty, a number of key challenges facing leaders boldly forging ahead into the future of work:
  • The challenge of designing and building engaged cultures fit for the future of work
  • The challenge of communicating and leading people through times of uncertainty
  • The challenge of evolving products, services and strategy sustainably. 

Now more than ever before, leaders need to work with a sense of urgency, they need to be prepared to evolve rapidly by developing a higher power through increased consciousness and emotional intelligence and they need to come from a place of service first. As the late Robert Greenleaf suggested "The best test of a leader is do those served grow as persons? Do they, while being served, become healthier, wiser, freer, more autonomous, more likely themselves to become servants?"

Which is where we come in. Our core mission is to walk beside these leaders to support them in navigating the rough seas and to build for a new future of work. That's why we're called company culture architects and workplace futurists. Got it? 

Check out this video from our leader Heidi Alexandra about the BLT factor leaders may aspire to. 

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Heidi Alexandra has been the source of much information strategy and innovation that has seen me push the boundaries on social media internally and improved my local and national profile and that of my firm tremendously. Jeremy Kennedy, Director, Australian Business Lawyers and Associates
I would recommend UQ Power to anyone that is seeking support, guidance and growth in their business. Catherine Miller, Human Resources Manager, Allightsykes